BurgrFactory Campaigns

We are currently running the following campaigns:

Respect to those who take care of us

Do you work at Hospital, Rescue, Fire, Police, Jandarmerie and are you on schedule?

Order or pick up products from the restaurant and get

50% discount*

*one person cannot benefit from the discount if they order more than 2 burgers.

15% discount

to all pick-up orders from our restaurants via the Burgr Factory app

Refund Campaign

Donate burgers and we learn from mistakes.

We work very hard to make the Burgr Factory experience perfect, but we are human and we happen to forget or make mistakes.

The idea is this: it is very simple to make a refund to one of the collaborating applications or directly from the restaurant, but by our mistake you could do a good deed.

Donate Burgers by learning from mistakes!

Don’t refund to The Burgr Factory App, Glovo or Bolt and upload below the mistake we made and where you’d like to donate burgers on your behalf.

We will contact you as soon as possible for all the details.

signal us a mistake